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Tech Trends That Could Help You Sell Your Home

When preparing to have your home listed on the market, making improvements and upgrades can make a huge difference in the asking price and the turnout of potential buyers. Putting some money into technological upgrades around your home can have a great return on investment. Buyers love the newest and greatest features homes have to offer.

Continue reading below for the current technology trends that could help you sell your home quickly and even at asking price! Plus, even if you are not planning on putting your home on the market in the near future, some of these tech trends would be a great investment and beneficial to your family’s needs regardless.

Smart Temperature Controls

Image credit Delta Optimist

Today your home can always be comfortable, whether coming home from work to a heated house on a winter day or to a cooled home after a weekend away during those triple digits in the summer. This is all thanks to Smart Temperature Controls! Name brands like Amazon, Google and others each have their own thermostats..

The major benefit of these smart controls is that you can alter the temperature remotely from your smartphone. Additionally, many Smart Temperature Controls on the market have the ability to learn household behavior (what time you turn on the units, the temperature your prefer, etc.). This means that the thermostat will adjust automatically as needed, ensuring that it is energy efficient and not running unnecessarily. As a home seller, this technology feature is attractive to prospective buyers because it saves energy and can lower overall electric costs.


Remote Entry Door Lock

Image credit Normcookson

With kids running in and out, pet sitters coming over to check on the furry members of the family and sometimes simply running out the door rushing to be on time to work in the morning, the front door being left unlocked is a common household mishap. Nowadays, you can never be too safe. It is always a good idea to keep doors locked to protect your belongings, and keep intruders out no matter how safe your neighborhood is. By installing a remote entry door lock (also known as a keyless entry door lock) this electronic lock allows for users to lock and unlock the door via smartphone app. Additionally, this technology allows for the ability to have texts/ emails sent to you whenever the door is opened and use multiple entry codes to know exactly who is entering into your home. There are many of these types of locks on the market, so find the one that fits your needs and is within your budget. This advanced, 21st century lock system is keen to buyers looking to have their house always secured without ever having to worry who is coming in and accidentally leaving it unlocked.


Smart Appliances

Image credit ChannelNews

More and more household appliances are becoming smart and technologically advanced. Because of WiFi capabilities many appliance manufacturers are offering smart refrigerators, washers, dryers, stovetops and more! This allows for remote controlling of the appliances by using a smartphone with the dedicated apps. Potential buyers will love the fact that they can start their laundry load on the go! Especially if you include appliances in the sale of your home as an extra feature.  


Virtual Reality & 360 Video

One of the biggest things in the tech field today is 360 video and the ability to view a whole house without leaving your computer! This technology is especially useful for those wanting to sell their homes in an innovative way, because it allows for buyers to have a life-like experience touring homes. A few ideas for this type of video and virtual reality include: staging, long distance buying and open houses. Foremost, staging a house can be quite expensive and potential buyers often have different interior design ideas for what they’d imagine. By using virtual reality technology, furniture, decorations and wall paint colors can all be effortlessly changed depending on the buyer’s tastes and preferences for what they envision. Home buyers located out of the area can save time and money by touring houses remotely. This gives them a better realistic look of a home compared to pictures and videos taken from a smartphone.

Check out the latest 360 video Aborn used on a one of our available homes!


Are you ready to master these tech trends and add improvements to your home in preparation of listing it on the market? Starting the selling process can so easy. We are happy to assist you and offer our expertise for improvements and staging so you can sell faster and find your next dream home sooner! Contact our experienced Aborn Real Estate agents today.

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