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The Benefits Of Renting A Home

If you’re browsing rental homes, you may already have decided to rent a home instead of buying one at this stage.

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Renting a home does have advantages.

  • Flexibility. If you’re not ready to settle down in this area yet or need to be mobile for your career, renting gives you greater flexibility to move around if need be.
  • Renting gives you time to save up for a bigger down payment before you buy a house.
  • Renting gives you time to build up better credit before buying a home. If your credit score isn't what you want it to be, renting while you build your credit can help you score a lower interest rate on your mortgage when and if you do decide to buy.

What's Your Budget?

What’s a must-have? What features would be nice to have? The great thing about working with a realtor to find a rental is they can help you find a home that has the features you’re looking for.

Step 1

Pay your home a visit.

Before committing to a rental, visit the home to make sure it’s in good working order and is what you desire.

Step 2

Ask plenty of questions.

What’s the length of the lease? How much is the security deposit? What is the policy on pets? This is the right time to ask any questions that you came up with when you toured the property.

Step 3

Send in your application!

You’ll fill out an application to rent a home, so have a few personal references and a pay stub ready to go. We’ll also perform a credit check.

Step 4

Welcome home!

If your application is accepted, it’s time to move in! Congratulations!

Step 5

Meet Your Aborn Real Estate Agent

Our realtors are great. Trust us, we’ve seen their Pinterest boards - they have great taste! Learn more about who you’ll be working with here.

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