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The best renovations you can do to improve home value

Quick home improvements and staging are essential tasks when getting your home in top shape for the market. Doing a few extra projects to improve the appearance may be tempting, but what are the top renovations to perform to improve home value? As always, improvements and upgrades depend a lot on your area’s market, your immediate neighborhood, and your home’s age and size. But renovating a space to improve it for yourself or for adding value at resale can be lucrative if you choose the right projects. Average return on investment numbers show that there are several projects you may not have considered.

Below are the top projects that you can do yourself or easily contract out for the best return on investment when you go to sell your home, whether it’s a few years down the road or you’re getting ready for the big move soon.

Entryway Door Replacement

A new front door is a great statement for the aesthetic of your home. Bold colors can offer character, and subtle coordinating colors can be a welcoming sight. Replace with a Steel or Fiberglass door for the best improvement to home value. Steel doors typically return about 90% of their cost on average, and Fiberglass doors offer a slightly lower 78% return.

Entryway Door Replacement

Outdoor Spaces

Minor improvements to your front and back outdoor spaces can have a huge impact and give you a great bang for your buck. These can be everything from creating additional patio space and walkways, to upgrading to drought-resistant lawn options and creating an outdoor garden. Outdoor projects can vary in scope and cost, but they typically can see between 60-100% back from your investment.

Updating outdoor spaces

Garage Door Replacement

A garage door can offer a great statement to the front of your home! On average returning 77% of the investment for high-end garage doors, this is a great update if your current door is on the older end. The options and possibilities are nearly endless, and you can find a variety of doors to fit your style. Modern and sleek with a wall of windows? Traditional with some window flair at the top? Carriage house style for that extra umph? Find your favorite and take the plunge to improve the value of your home!

Replacing garage doors

Minor Kitchen Remodel

Major kitchen remodels require a lot of work from a licensed contractor and involve plumbing, electrical, and carpentry. That’s a lot of work! And full kitchen remodels typically can return closer to 50-60% of your initial investment.  

But a minor remodel can include simply upgrading appliances to high end, energy efficient models. Or painting the kitchen cabinets, or removing the doors and replacing with wood plank. You can even upgrade the cabinet hardware for a quick aesthetic update.  One way to get a new look is replacing older countertops with a beautiful and economic granite or quartz. All of these can add flair and design elements to your kitchen that can vibe with potential buyers.

minor kitchen remodel

Honorable Mentions

Energy efficient upgrades are always in fashion and great for your electric or gas bills, as well as incentives for future buyers. That can include energy efficient double pane windows, new roofing, solar systems, or major appliances that are out of date, like a furnace or your attic insulation. Updating insulation or inefficient appliances can be a great option that starts paying off right away for heating and cooling bills.

The best renovations to do to improve home value

Need more inspiration? Check out our DIY improvement ideas and decor favorites on our Pinterest boards! Ready to tackle some projects and sell your home. Contact one of our experienced Real Estate Agents today. We can walk you through each step of the process and make recommendations along the way.

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